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Lesehan at Ayam Bakar Wong Solo

Jalan Raya Kuta no 887 Kuta,
phone 0361 7435459
Jalan Merdeka 18 Denpasar
phone 0361 231191

If you would like to experience a local Indonesian cuisine, Ayam Bakar Wong Solo restaurant is the answer. I have recommended Wong Solo restaurants to my friends, family, and anyone who would ask for a reference of a local halal food. There are two Wong Solo restaurants in Bali. My favorite is the normally less crowded one located at Jalan Raya Kuta near Tuban.

Housed by a green wooden traditional Jawa structure, you may opt for exciting seating areas on the 1st floor for lesehan. ‘Lesehan’is to have meal on the floor with a low down table, something like Japanese style dining. I fancy lesehan as the area is based on open concept, with no walls but only with blinds. The relaxing environment persuades you to sit back and laze on a pillow after hearty meals. However, for those with stiff limbs and less flexible you may choose to dine at normal dining area the ground floor.

I checked out Denpasar branch which is bigger that draw more crowds. It turned out that even though the food is as good but the ambience is different there.

Wong Solo originally from Solo in Central Jawa. Solo does not suggest that Wong is a single man. As posted biography brief in his restaurants, Wong Solo has four wives. He used to name the dishes with Polygamy juice, Polygamy cah vegetables etc. But the word does not go well with local Balinese who does not practice polygamy and the menu changed to a more acceptable normal menu titles. Wong Solo success story came with more than 50 branches in Indonesia and there is even an outlet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia too. I have tried the food in KL, but psychologically, I don’t feel the same ambience which makes the taste different. Strange enough, even the one in Jakarta does not have the same flavor.

As the name suggested, Wong Solo specialties is Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken). It tasted sweet and spicy dip with special kecap ABC (thick and sweet soy bean sauce). If you are not into meat, try the Grilled fish, (Gurame bakar). I would usually have to order more than one portion to avoid any food ‘fighting’ amongst us. Sup Sayor Asem (a sour soup with corn and local spices) goes down well with rice. Another favorite soup is Sop Bontot (Ox tail soup). There are a variety vegetables dishes and fresh food juice too.

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