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INTRODUCTION is for all Muslim tourists around the world who love traveling and food. Finding halal food in foreign places is our common problem.The two words; travel and food do not go well with Muslim tourists. We cringe to savor others cuisine around the world but restricted with the menu offered on the table. I begin with Bali, Indonesia and building up the database ultimately.

Bali is close to my heart. I have visited to Bali countless times. I used to work in Jakarta in 2007 and understand Indonesian language and culture.
Bali is one of the exotic island in the world where you can find modern life, culture experience, shopping spa, beach, diving, good dining, amazing art, beautiful landscape and garden, and this list would be exhaustive.
Unlike Malay in Malaysia who is 100% Muslim, Indonesian consist of different tribes that originating from Malay archipelago but practice many religion. 90% of the population practice cultural Hinduism and their favorite meal is pork. This has become major hindrance to Muslim tourist from Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Middle east .Muslims find that it is hard to find halal food. However, during my visit to Bali, getting to know the culture and understand the people,I manage to gather restaurants in Bali that serve halal food.
Read my review of some of the restaurants that I frequent.
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For the time being, I am going to start with Bali first and expand my database to other places that I am working on.
Thank you to Mbak Siti for sharing all Bali secret and tips with me. I treasure all the adventure that we have in Bali. Thank you so much to all "gohalaltravel" website visitors and to those who purchased the e-book. It is such an honour to provide the much needed information to muslim visitors to Bali.


Rozita Ahmad Soheimin


Pretty woman, Julia Roberts starred in Eat Pray Love Movie adapted from Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir. Julia eat_pray_love

played a divorced and depressed writer who travelled to Itali (Eat), India (Pray) and Bali (Love) to seek solace and find herself. Bali was the last place Liz stopped after stuffing herself with pasta, pizza and gellatos in Italy and prayed in India. I couldn't help but get all excited watching the movie, tracing the places that Julia Roberts had gone in Bali. There is something common that I share with Julia and Liz. We straddled bikes in Ubud and fell of the bikes. In my scene, I was not knocked down by Javier Badiem but I lost control of my bike on a steep road in Monkey Forest. After visiting Bali several times, I upgraded my bike to a cute but rugged jeep which is similar to the one Felippe was driving in Eat Pray Love.

In the movie Julia visited Pak Ketut Leyar, a toothless dukun (shaman) who taught her about looking the beauty of life through her liver (heart). A toothless Pak Ketut was hillarious in his broken English. Pictured (top) was a scene where Julia visited Ketut. If you go to Penastanan Village in Bali's central foothills, a dull, blue-stained signboard points toward the house of Ketut Liyar,a ninth generation of medicine man. Ketut is now famous with Julia and Liz's fans seeking for his advise and for palm reading.

Shooting of Eat Pray Love were done in Banjar Bentuyung, Banjar Nyuh Kuning, Pengosekan, the Ubud Art Market and Monkey Forest Park, all within Ubud/Gianyar Regency and some other venues including Jimbaran and Uluwatu in Badung Regency.

Pictured below is Julia Roberts and Javier visiting Ubud market.

eat pray love bali

Anyway, dear readers, you do not need to be divorced and depressed to go to Bali. Bali is a beautiful and exotic destination to unwind and to experience great cultural adventures.